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As part of the recall process, the person being recalled may ‘answer’ the recall with up to 200 words, and the answer gets printed on the recall petitions.  We now have answers from Directors Riddell and Mackintosh.

“I have been a resident and business owner on the Coastside for over 30 years.  I have raised six children and now have three grandchildren along with in-laws living in this community.  To suggest I would in any way jeopardize their safety is appalling.  I have served on this Board off and on for many years and have seen the best and the worst.  For the last four years I have worked with CalFire to improve their level of service.  During that time I have spoken with dozens of chief fire officers both inside and outside the CalFire organization and with directors of Districts who contract with or are considering contracting with CalFire.  I have listened carefully to the words, actions and reactions of our local CalFire officials.  I am currently carefully evaluating the cost, feasibility and advisability of making that change.  My final decision will be based on my experience, information gathered and on the premises that in order to move forward the change must be sustainable without additional taxes, that our communities’ exposure to long term liability be reduced, that the level of service be improved and that our lives, property, children and grandchildren not be at risk.”

“My goal is to provide you the best possible services regardless of who provides them, Cal Fire is not doing that.  Cal Fire failed to meet its legal obligations in our contract and the California Fire Code and its moral obligations as a fire service provider.  How does the largest fire service provider in the State sign a contract, then not provide those services specified in that contract.  The District didn’t fail in our obligation to pay for those services, Cal Fire failed in its responsibility to provide those services, year after year.  At what point does this Board have a duty to act?  Should we wait like previous Boards until we have multiple lawsuits?  Isn’t it better to be proactive instead of reactive?  Doesn’t our obligation as Board members responsible for the lives and property in our community demand we be proactive?  Further, community needs are subservient to the needs of the State and this will never change.  Cal Fire just made a decision without Board consent that will cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars and will negatively impact services levels specified in the contract.  And the answer for some is recall the individuals who hold Cal Fire accountable.”



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