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“I only want what’s best for the Coastside. I was born and raised in HMB and plan on living here with my parents, wife and 2 kids for the rest of our lives. I serve on several local non-profit boards and committees and donate much of my time and income to support our Coastside.

Current board directors McShane, Burke and Mackintosh appointed me to the Coastside Fire Protection District board in 2010. I then ran unopposed for the 2011-2015 term. I came to this board without any baggage, campaign donations or promises. My moral and ethical obligation is to provide the very best Fire Service within our district’s budget. If that means we stop contracting our Fire Service with CalFire and opt to be a Standalone agency or possibly contract with another agency then that’s our responsibility as a Fire District. Our job is to always be working on the best solution for the money, not choosing the cheapest option or contract. The previous Fire Board chose CalFire to cure our labor and management conflict, not because that’s all we could afford. My hope is to always increase the level of service no matter what solution we choose.”


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